About Us

– The Professional Pet and Animal Carers

At Pawsitive Dogwalks, we are passionate about animals, their wellbeing and quality of life. We have such high respect for them and they truly are a gift. We get just as much enjoyment and satisfaction with each animal we spend time with, in our care. We’ll care for your pet as if it were our own.

lindaPawsitive Dogwalks is owned and operated by Linda Ward & Fredrik Adfeldt.

Between us, over the years, we have had animals of our own, and still do. Some of our most cherished memories are with our best furry friends who are a part of the family.fred

We try to help animals in need, whenever we can. For years we have worked and cared voluntarily with animals and also in paid work. It has been very emotional at times and has inspired us to pursue our passion for animals by starting up a Professional Pet Friendly Service for them.

We aim to make a positive difference to the daily lives of the animals in our care – whether it be for a home visit to provide companionship, to play ball, frisbee, go for walks, hug or just hang out like friends do. At the end of the day, we know we have done something purposeful. We can bring passion, enthusiasm and meaning to our work, and smile!

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